red_type: RT Konnect

Touch Based Interactivity

A Touch based interaction where you’re not just observing the content, but actively engaging in it, resulting in a truly unique experience

Gesture Based Applications

Making interactions more fun, control the entire application by performing different gestures with your hands and body

AR Immersive

Experience products in glorious 3D, and visualize ideas right in front of your eyes. Control and manipulate virtual objects in your environment

Virtual Reality

An experience beyond imagination. Virtual reality opens up a whole new world with endless possibilities, immersing users in a 360 virtual environment

Mobile Integration

We harness angular velocity which is the change in rotational angle per unit of time. In simple terms, you can use your cellphone as a controller for some really fun activities at Red Tape destinations.

Facial Recognition

Capturing emotions though High-end facial recognition technology, trigger relevant content through facial expressions.

Audience Measurement

Opening doors towards hyper targeting & data analytics. Tracking Audiences in Real-time with Age , Gender , Time stamps and dwell time.

Projection Mapping

We make structures and buildings come alive with vibrant colors and animation through our projection mapping technology

Experiential Zone

Why not go big with your campaign’s messaging with an immersive experience zone. Deploy interactive experiences and engaging activities in a branded zone for a lasting impact.